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Shie Boon started Movement Singapore to revitalize older adults through play and movement.

Hi, I'm Shie Boon.

I was the director of MOVE Academy Singapore from late 2017 to mid 2022, which management seperated in May 2022. Before I was director, I was a student-turned-coach in the same academy, also once known as ADD Academy Singapore.

ADD stands for L'art du Déplacement which founders I met in late 2014 at a Parkour x Dance workshop during the 1st semester of my Diploma in Dance in Lasalle College of the Arts.

L'art du Déplacement instantly caught my eye because for the first time in my life, I found people who exuded a sense of purpose and a love for life and others. I vividly remember the Yamakasi founders performing impossible stunts and teaching in a manner I have never experienced before - effortlessly blending structure and freedom.

Growing up through the local education system where learning felt monotonous and impersonal, a classroom style where the student was invited to participate and where camaraderie was celebrated was a breath of fresh air I desperately needed.

I then promptly left Lasalle, went to work as a salesperson and attended ADD Academy Singapore's classes weekly, eventually becoming a coach late 2015.

In November 2017, I met a 64 year old lady who took interest in trying L'art du Déplacement with the hope that it could help her with her balancing problems. She fell often and constantly relied on pushing a trolley around for stability. I trained her for the next two months and managed to help her walk without relying on the trolley for support.

Since then, my passion to engage with more seniors through L'art du Déplacement grew. I started Movement Singapore in June 2022 with the purpose of revitalizing older adults through play and movement.

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