Understanding The Body

Give our bodies what they need - constant resistance.

Our bodies are a complex working.

But largely, like many things, we don't think too much about it.

We do not think twice before walking, reaching for your cup, typing on the keyboard or phone, speaking, breathing and reading these very words.

These natural capabilities allow us to interact with the physical environment seamlessly, which we take for granted only to realize their significance when we one day lose them, say from disability or old age.

For most of us, our bodies are smart enough to manage its daily needs for a long time.

The problem comes when we lose this intelligence.

Astronauts lose muscles and bone density quickly in space due to decreased external forces (pull of gravity) on their bodies and items they manipulate - Constant resistance is crucial for maintaining physical ability.

Consider the physical condition of dancers and farmers versus sedentary office workers. Who do you think would retain better physical abilities when they are older?

Give our bodies what they need - constant resistance.

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